Monday, November 27, 2006

John Kricfalusi is Always Right

Or at least he'd like you to think he is.

This is the only explanation I can think of as to why he wouldn't post my comments on his blog. I'm new to blogging, we have no history or previous disagreements, I don't even have a shitty avatar for him to dislike. So what the dealio John, why no post?

I don't remember exactly what it was I wrote but here it is in a nut shell... John was on a pretty typical rant about how anything that doen't ressemble his work is crap. Almost everything done today is in a "FAKE UPA" style he says. That may be true but he doesn't touch on the real issue - WHY? I know why, I'm just surprised he doesn't. So I thought I'd ask him.

Here's the comment he found unworthy of his blog:

Curious if you could give me an example of a long format FLASH series that works well with your organic marshmallow style. I would just love to feast my eyes on all of your points of view working well together under the constraints of a REALISTIC budget and schedule created by a brain dead exec with zero knowledge of design theory or animation history in general. Ah hell never mind, I'll save you the trouble, there aren't any nor will there be. The "fake" UPA style is used because that's what execs think is cool and it's virtually the only style managable within the software.

Your cause might be better served if you created a blog that tried to brainwash executives instead. 99% of the artists who comment here share your point of view already...and I bet some of those artists weren't even working in the 50's. Your idealistic "Animation World of Tomorrow" will only exist when the executives of today disappear.

"I just don't understand the loud music these kids of today are listening to" is a pretty sad argument.

Sure there's a little venom in there but John K's used to that. Maybe my argument was too basic. I realize that I used "executive" as a blanket word to cover everyone in the industry that isn't an artist but you catch my drift.

The cartoons of today are a direct result of the industries demands on the artist and their desires to meet those demands ( a.k.a stay employed ) are broadcast daily. In most cases it simple, no time or money for quality. Break it down and move it around.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stay Tooned